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My brain

My Brain Stories

Your brain matters—as a woman, as a leader and in all of the other roles you play in your life. Tell us what makes your brain stand out in 130 characters or less.

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  • Name: Lori
    My brain matters so I can continue to use my VOICE to #endalz. I want to see an Alzheimer Survivor!
  • Name: Rowena
    My brain matters for me to be able to live a full productive life but keeping my brain & body active & eating right.
  • Name: Alma
    My brain matters because I take care of my mom while at the same time I strive to be a good wife and mother.
  • Name: Debbie
    My brain matters as I need to stay strong to care for my Mom with dementia while finding time to be the best wife, mom and grandmother.
  • Name: Marilyn
    My brain matters because it allows me to encourage and pray for my cousins who are taking care of my aunt with Alzheimer's
  • Name: gillian
    My brain allows me to live as indepently as keep learning to enjo my hobbies ie painting writing etc and it allows me to thi

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