Women Who Inspire: Dagmar Dolby

grandmother, philanthropist, co-founder of the Ray Dolby Brain Health Center

As my husband Ray, sound pioneer and founder of Dolby Laboratories, was showing the telltale signs of Alzheimer's, I remember feeling that I didn't have the information I needed; I didn't know where to turn.

Soon after Ray's diagnosis I became acquainted with the Alzheimer's Association's comprehensive offering of programs and services. I attended the Alzheimer's Association International Conference® (AAIC) as well as the Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum. It became clear to me that supporting the Association would be a critical step in fighting this disease.

As I grew to recognize the importance of building public awareness about the disease, I began to find my voice as an Alzheimer's advocate. The Walk to End Alzheimer's® in San Francisco provided the vehicle for me to go public with Ray's diagnosis for the first time, and I have been vocal about this cause ever since. Dolby Laboratories has also participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer's by sponsoring the event in San Francisco and starting teams in multiple cities where the company has offices.

Ray and I were inseparable throughout our life together, working as a team — but the fight against Alzheimer's inevitably became my task. In 2012, we founded the Ray Dolby Brain Health Center, an innovative collaboration between California Pacific Medical Center and the Alzheimer's Association.

Ray's battle with the disease ended when he died from leukemia in September 2013. I am inspired more than ever to work for the Alzheimer's cause. I am determined to make a difference — and ultimately help to end this disease.


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