Women Who Inspire: Shonda Rhimes

writer, mother, book-lover, citizen of Shondaland

Shonda Rhimes knows how to tell a story.

As the woman behind “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice” and “Scandal,” she has turned primetime into Shondaland. She has brought serious issues and the conflicted characters dealing with them into our living rooms. She has created a world in which you feel as if you are watching real women.

She doesn’t shy from the stories that are hard to tell—and Alzheimer's is no exception. Shonda knows that more than 5 million Americans are living with the disease. She knows that 13 million women are either living with the disease or caring for someone who has it. She knows that African-Americans are at a higher risk. And she has brought these realities to millions of viewers through the doctors at Seattle Grace.

For those whose lives have been touched by this disease, she has reminded us we aren't alone. For those who have no exposure to Alzheimer's, she has broken down the myths.

A mother of three, she has set an example for her daughters that women can do anything. And she has joined the My Brain movement in hopes that one day, there will not be a need to depict Alzheimer's on television because we will have rid the world of this disease.  


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